Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
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11/19/10 > Big Lots make BIG Impact

District Wide - A new Big Lots store recently opened in Madison Heights and immediately made a big impact on Lamphere Schools. As part of grand opening ceremonies, the store presented a $2,500 donation to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund.

"Thank you for this donation," said Brad Lyon, Board of Education President. "and welcome to the neighborhood. You've joined a community that truly works together to benefit our youth."

"Supporting the communities that support our stores is a big part of who we are," said Rob Claxton, Senior Vice President of marketing for Big Lots. "We are delighted to make this donation to Lamphere Schools and look forward to being great neighbors.

10/12/10 > Friends of Madison Heights Youth make donation

District Wide - Providing positive opportunities for the youth of Madison Heights is the goal of the organization Friends of Madison Heights Youth. With that in mind the group presented Lamphere Superintendent Marsha Pando and Board of Education President Brad Lyon with a donation for $10,000 to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund for the third year in a row.

Accepting the donation, Pando said, ā€œIā€™m overwhelmed with your generosity. This is going to provide so many of our students with the opportunity to continue their education after graduating high school.ā€

The Lamphere Scholarship fund was established to benefit Lamphere students and is funded by donations from the community, the Annual Trivia Night and various other fundraisers throughout the school year.
9/30/10 > Masters at Giving

District Wide - Each year the Masters Restaurant in Madison Heights holds a golf outing to benefit the Lamphere Schools Reading program and Lamphere Scholarship Fund. This year's event resulted in a donation of more than $2,500.

"We are so appreciative of the support we receive from the Masters Restaurant," said Marsha Pando, Lamphere's Superintendent. "We are able to provide our students with so many learning opportunities as a result of this generosity."

9/30/10 > R.E.E.L. Donation

District Wide - R.E.E.L., the Retired Educational Employees of Lamphere, are still making a difference to our students.

"To be a part of student success is an incredible feeling," said Pat Sadowski, REEL President. "We're very happy to make this donation to help a student continue his or her education."

Once again, they've made a generous donation to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund giving a graduating senior an opportunity to continue their education after high school.