Thursday, July 30th, 2015
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7/29/08 > Wyland Makes a Difference

MADISON HEIGHTS , MICHIGAN - Helping Lamphere students follow their dreams, renowned environmental artist and Lamphere graduate, Wyland, made a generous donation of $10,000 to enable a LHS graduate to attend the College for Creative Studies in Detroit (CCS). Wyland shared the following advice with Lamphere students during a recent video conference, "Your dreams of becoming an artist could come true, find your passion and show the world. You will have to work hard, but it can happen."

The 2008 winner of the "Wyland Scholarship" is Jeremy Lassila. "This scholarship will be a great opportunity to help students like myself who have the passion and drive to succeed at CCS.  I'm honored to have been chosen as this year's recipient," said Lassila.

Wyland is showing the world his passion in a big way. His mission to create 100 giant marine life murals around the world began more than 27 years ago after graduating from Lamphere High School.  Named official artist of the United States Olympic Team for the 2008 Games, Wyland will work with thousands of children from around the globe to create Whaling Wall 100, "Hands Across the Ocean," a mural spanning more than a mile with life-size canvas segments representing endangered or threatened wildlife from 191 nations.  (For more info about this project, CLICK HERE.

The Whaling Wall project is the largest and longest ongoing "Arts in Public Places Program" dedicated to environmental awareness. The murals have set world records for the largest paintings by one person and are seen by an estimated one billion people each year. Lamphere High School is home to Whaling Wall # 25, "Humpbacks" which was dedicated in October 1990.

"I appreciate the fact that Lamphere Schools has always supported and promoted the arts in its educational program, and our Wyland Foundation is excited to be able to make this donation to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund," said Wyland. 

For more information about Wyland and the Lamphere Scholarship Fund, please contact the Lamphere Schools Administration Center at 248-589-1990.

5/28/08 > Lamphere Scholarship Fund Raffle Drawing

LAMPHERE HIGH SCHOOL - Upbeat music by the LHS Jazz Band set the tone for the evening's events as our community gathered for the 1st annual Lamphere Scholarship Raffle drawing.

"Thank you to everyone who made this evening possible," said Marsha Pando, Lamphere's Superintendent. "We're able to provide over $14,000 in scholarships to this years graduating seniors because of you. You really are helping to Make a Difference to our students."

A total of 614 tickets were sold for this years raffle generating $15,350 in prizes. Volunteers from Kohl's A-team were on hand to help with activities and had the honors of pullling the winning tickets. Kohl's also made a generous donation of $500 to the Scholarship Fund.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of our first annual Lamphere Scholarship Fund Raffle. The 2008 winners are:

Grand Prize    $7,675  Cathy Lobur


 $1,535  Jeff Brasch
     Debbie Cheves & Terry Parks
     Daniel Osantowski
    Simonds Superstars  (Marsha Niesluchowski, Debbie Belmont, Sue Culver, Rhonda Faycurry & Rhonda Mienko)
 $ 307  Nancy Sokacz
     Frances Hamrick
     Anne & Dan Milz
     Laurie Geralds
     Linda Tamaian

To see more photos of the evening's events visit:

5/06/08 > Jeremy Lassila, LHS - First place winner in Congressional Art Competition

" Buhh Uhmm Bug " awarded first prize in Congressional Art Competition

Jeremy Lassila, Lamphere High School senior, was presented with a first place certificate in the 2008 Congressional Arts competition by Congressman Sander Levin, for his artwork, a self-portrait named "Buhh Uhmm Bug."

High school students throughout the United States are invited to submit artwork to the nationwide art competition, AN ARTISTIC DISCOVERY, which is conducted by Members of the House of Representatives giving them the opportunity to recognize the artistic talents of today's youth.

"Art has played an essential role in making me who I am today," said Lassila.  "People always ask why I choose to make art such a focal point in my life; my response to them is that art is my passion. 'Buhh Uhmm Bug' was an opportunity to show my sense of humor that is hidden under my hard exterior. To have my art recognized at this level is incredible and such an honor, I'm thrilled." More of Jeremy's art can be seen at Lamphere's online art gallery - CLICK HERE to visit the site.

"Buhh Uhmm Bug" will be on display at the Warren City Hall atrium during the week of May 5 before moving to  the Cannon Corridor of the United States Capitol where it will be on display for the next year. For more information about this contest, visit:

Congratulations Jeremy - we're proud of you!

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3/12/08 > Trivia Night a Great Success

Lamphere's 3rd annual Trivia Night was a huge success, raising over $6,000 for the Lamphere Scholarship Fund. Truly a community effort involving district staff, administration, board members, parents, alumni, friends and neighbors; this event will help Lamphere graduates continue their education.

George Sicken and Nichole Bontomasi, teachers at Lamphere High School and members of the championship team said "As teachers, it is important to see our students succeed. An event like this is a lot of fun and really does make a difference by helping so many students continue their education."

LHS alumni Sean Dutton added "When my mom called to see if I wanted to be on her team for Trivia Night, I wasn't sure what to expect. I am totally blown away by the number of people who are here for the kids and so proud to be part of the Lamphere family."

Thank you to everyone who helped make this evening a success. If you were not able to participate and would like to help make a difference for Lamphere Students, there are a few opportunities for you:

  • Purchase a ticket for the Lamphere Scholarship Raffle.
    Tickets are $50 and only 2000 will be sold - the grand prize is $25,000 in cash or scholarships, it is your choice. For more informaiton about the raffle or to download a ticket order form, visit our website:
  • Purchase a copy of the 2008 Detroit Area Entertainment book for only $10 - there were 400 copies of this book donated to Lamphere Schools and all money raised from this sale will go directly to the Scholarship Fund. Contact us at 248.589.1990 to purchase a book before they are all gone.
  • Donations to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund are always welcome. If you'd like to make a donation, please make your check payable to Lamphere Schools and mail to:

Lamphere Schools Scholarship Fund
31201 Dorchester
Madison Heights, MI  48071

To see a few photos from this years Trivia Night scroll down:

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Team LHS - Champions for the 3rd Year in a Row

SchoolCenter Picture  Working together to find answers...these questions were tough!

 SchoolCenter Picture
Team Hiller

 SchoolCenter Picture
Jackie Bamford was the lucky winner of this years Wheelbarrow of Cheer.  Mary Alleman won the Basket of Fun.


SchoolCenter Picture
Edmonson's Hawaiian Lions were definitely the most colorful team in attendance.

 SchoolCenter Picture
Joe Raona - sold more 50/50 tickets than ever before...what a generous crowd.

 SchoolCenter Picture
Team Lessenger was all smiles

 SchoolCenter Picture
This group looks stumped...

2/07/08 > February Proclaimed Career & Tech Ed Month


Did you know?:

  • Career and technical education prepares both youth and adults for a wide range of careers, from registered nurse to computer technician.  These careers may require varying levels of education-from high school to postsecondary certificates to two- and four-year college degrees.
  • There are over 15,000,000 secondary and postsecondary career and technical education students in the United States.
  • A competitive global economy requires workers trained in skill professions.
  • Career and technical education plays a crucial role in preparing a well-educated and skilled workforce in American.
  • Career and technical education prepares students for all of the 20 fastest occupations identified by the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • LHS students are able to take career and technical education courses in all 6 Michigan Career Pathways through offerings at Lamphere High School and Oakland Technical Campus.
  • Many of the LHS career and technical education courses provide the opportunity to earn free college credit.

Want to know more?

For a list of commonly asked questions and answers related to CTE:

For a listing of LHS CTE classes which provide the opportunity to earn college credit:

House Resolution 930 declaring February as Career and Technical Education month:

In an effort to promote the crucial role that career and technical education plays in enhancing America's diversified workforce, Representatives Baird and English introduced H.Res. 930 to highlight Career and Technical Education (CTE) month this February.

Press release:

H.Res. 930:

The Association for Career and Technical Education does not endorse any third party statements or techniques in particular - for details please contact

2/02/08 > Opportunities Galore

Lamphere graduates have more scholarship opportunities today thanks to the generosity of a lot of people.

Recently the Friends of Madison Heights Youth presented Superintendent, Marsha Pando and Board of Education President, Rob Borngesser with a donation to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund of $10,000. Accepting the donation, Pando said, "I'm overwhelmed with your generosity. This is going to provide so many of our students with the opportunity to continue their education after graduating high school." For more on this story, CLICK HERE .

LHS Alumni and marine life artist, Wyland, is offering aspiring artists a $10,000 scholarship to Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. Presented to students via conference call, Wyland told students "Your dreams of becoming an artist could come true!  You'll have to work hard, it can happen - look at me. Schools across the country are cutting art programs, but Lamphere has continued to promote the arts.  I appreciated the support I had when a student there. Our foundation is excited to add to that support with this $10,000 scholarship for a Lamphere graduate to attend the College for Creative Studies." For more information on this incredible offer, CLICK HERE .

Lamphere Schools is holding it 3rd annual Trivia Night to benefit the Lamphere Scholarship Fund. This years event will be held March 7, 2008 at the Royal Oak Elks Club. A fun filled night for a great cause - for more details visit: .

How would you like a chance to win a cash prize of $25,000, one of four $5,000 or one of five $1,000 prizes? It's simple and the odds are great. The Lamphere Scholarship Raffle is underway and you can participate. Only 2000 tickets at $50 a piece will be sold and there will be a total of ten prizes awarded. To find more information and an order form, see our website: .

The Lamphere community truly is Making a Difference in the lifes of Lamphere students, that is what makes this district shine.

1/25/08 > Page Middle School Future City Team Goes To Regionals!

On January 22, 2008, the Page Middle School Future City Team traveled to the Rock Financial Expo Center in Novi to compete in the Michigan regional competition. Before attending this competition, this all-rookie team put in a ton of hard work and preparation and they should be commended for their dedication to this project. Competing against a tough field of 37 other schools from around the state, the team's presenters fielded questions from real-life scientists and engineers about their city design and 3D model. The team is still awaiting official announcement of their placing among their competitors at this time, but they all can agree that their experience at Regionals was amazing!

Beginning in September, students met with their teacher mentor Courtney Jacob and designed a city of tomorrow using SimCity 3000 computer software. This year's city was named Tumben Saamal, or "new tomorrow" in ancient Mayan, and was located near the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Next, students gathered all sorts of recyclable materials and constructed a 3D table top model of their city in 1/15 scale with working parts. The team also collaborated on an abstract, an essay on nanotechnology and its use in managing city systems, and a presentation with visual aids to perform for a panel of judges. The students were able to use math, science, language arts, and social studies skills in real-life engineering and city planning applications.

"There is nothing else out there like this competition for middle school students," Jacob said of the Future City experience. "The experience of designing a city, from budgeting to location to managing city systems, is invaluable to my students every year. No where else can they use so many core subject areas in one project and have so much fun completing it!" Student members of the team also agree. "It was an absolutely great experience going to regionals and seeing all of the other models," said Tyler King, who already has many ideas on what to try constructing for next year. Adriel Wenceslao was one of the students lucky enough to ride a Segway personal transportation device at the competition. "Now I know what I want for my birthday!" Adriel said after the experience. All participants received medals, tee shirts, certificates, and complimentary Junior Memberships in the Engineering Society of Detroit. The Page Future City team is already looking forward to next year's competition.

A special thank you goes out to Janice Carpenter, Melanie Martin, and Beth Shavinski for helping transport the team and the model to competition.

Future City Club meets after school three days a week in Jacob's classroom and is open to all 7th and 8th grade students.

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1/22/08 > Friends, Indeed!

Providing positive opportunities for the youth of Madison Heights is the goal of the organization Friends of Madison Heights Youth. With that in mind the group presented Lamphere Superintendent Marsha Pando and Board of Education President Rob Borngesser with a donation for $10,000 to the Lamphere Scholarship Fund at the December 12 Board meeting.

Accepting the donation, Pando said, "I'm overwhelmed with your generosity. This is going to provide so many of our students with the opportunity to continue their education after graduating high school."

The Lamphere Scholarship fund was established to benefit Lamphere students and is funded by donations from the community, the Annual Trivia Night and the scholarship raffle which is being held for the first time this school year.




How would you like...

... to help provide scholarships to Lamphere students?

... a chance to win one of 10 prizes totaling $50,000?

... to make a donation to the Lamphere Athletic Boosters, Band Boosters or LAFFS (the PTA organization at LHS)?

If you are interested, Lamphere Schools has an incredible opportunity for you, the Lamphere Scholarship Fund Raffle.

The grand prize is $25,000 - who couldn't use that? There are four second prizes of $5,000 each and five third prizes of $1,000 each.

Only 2,000 tickets at $50 each will be sold and they are going fast. Don't miss out on this chance to make a difference in the lives of Lamphere students.

For more information about the raffle or an order form visit our website: or call us at 248-589-1990.

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1/22/08 > Wyland Offers Scholarship to LHS Seniors


Lamphere High School - Who will be the next great artist? With an incredible scholarship offer from marine life artist, Wyland, it could very well be a graduate of Lamphere High School.

LHS Principal, Ed Okuniewski, wants to provide opportunities for all students. With this goal in mind, Okuniewski was instrumental in putting a scholarship program together with Wyland and the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit. "There is a quote I like, 'As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.' ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery," said Okuniewski. "We are definitely enabling the future with this opportunity and I'd like to thank Wyland and CCS on behalf of our students."

Presented via conference call, Wyland told students "Your dreams of becoming an artist could come true!  You'll have to work hard, it can happen - look at me. Schools across the country are cutting art programs, but Lamphere has continued to promote the arts.  I appreciated the support I had when a student there. Our foundation is excited to add to that support with this $10,000 scholarship for a Lamphere graduate to attend the College for Creative Studies."

During the conference call students were given an overview of the scholarship application requirements and then had a chance to ask questions. Wyland stressed that he and the other judges would be looking for originality and creativity in their artwork as well as a good work ethic and a passion for their chosen field.  Jeremy Lassila, LHS Senior said, "This scholarship is going to be a great opportunity for students like myself who have the passion and the drive to succeed at CCS but not the money to back it up."

Lamphere's Superintendent, Marsha Pando, said, "We are thrilled to accept this scholarship offer from Wyland. We have some very talented students at Lamphere and this opportunity will really make a difference in someone's life. Thank you, Wyland."

Representatives from CCS will be visiting Lamphere to meet with students interested in applying for this scholarship. Application forms are available from the LHS Counseling office. The deadline for applying will be announced at a later date.


Marine life artist Wyland has earned the distinction as one of America's most unique, creative influences, and a leading advocate for marine resource conservation. An accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer and scuba diver, he has traveled the farthest reaches of the globe for more than 25 years, capturing the raw power and beauty of the undersea universe.

A 1975 graduate of Lamphere High School, Wyland continues to be a part of the community with visits to the district, including painting one of his life size Whaling Walls in the LHS pool, encouraging dreams and providing opportunities for Lamphere students.

For more information about Wyland, visit his website:

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12/13/07 > 2007 Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself today, it is so nice of these folks to invite us for great entertainment and a wonderful lunch," said one guest. "Look at that, I won $5.00" said another. "I love coming to this luncheon, seeing old friends, making some new ones." Just a few comments heard in during the 2007 Senior Citizens Holiday Luncheon at Page Middle School.

Senior Citizens of Madison Heights are treated each year to a performance by the Page Choir and band followed by a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and dessert served by the student council.

Principal Doug Kelley commented "I'm proud of our middle school students and the job they did today, interacting with our guests, making sure everyone was comfortable and providing entertainment, it was a busy day and the students did it all with a smile." "I'd also like to thank Tracey Achrem for all her work in organizing this luncheon, she too did a terrific job."

A good time was had by all and some are already looking forward to next year.

SchoolCenter Picture SchoolCenter Picture SchoolCenter Picture 
 SchoolCenter Picture  SchoolCenter Picture  SchoolCenter Picture
 SchoolCenter Picture  SchoolCenter Picture  SchoolCenter Picture
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11/05/07 > Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative


The internet can be a wonderful tool, full of valuable information. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Lamphere Schools is committed to keeping our students safe when using the internet and recently took advantage of a program from the Michigan Attorney General's office.

Lamphere's fourth through eighth grade students participated in the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI) to learn how to protect themselves and use the internet safely.  Assemblies were held in each of our four elementary schools and at Page Middle School with messages from Mike Cox, Michigan's Attorney General and several state police officers. During the presentation, our students were given three important tips:

Keep Safe
I keep safe all of my personal information - all of it! I never give my real name, address, phone number, the name of my school, or a picture of myself to anyone on line.

Keep Away
I keep away from internet strangers - no matter what they tell me because I have no way of knowing who they really are. I don't talk with them online, and I never meet them face to face.

Keep Telling
I keep telling my parents or a trusted adult about anything that makes me uncomfortable.

Each student was also given an Online Safety Contract and asked to go over it with their parents.  A copy of the contract can be downloaded from the Michigan Attorney General's website: CLICK HERE .

After the presentation at Page, students were asked the following questions, some answers appear with the question:

  • What surprised you most today - did you learn something about chatting on line that you didn't know?

"I didn't know that people could track you so easily with your phone number." Morgan Lashbrook, Sixth grade

  • Will you be doing anything different when you go on line this weekend?

"Yes, for one thing I am going to be on safer sites.  I am also going to ask my mom before I go on the internet." Sixth grade student.

  • Why do you think the information you heard today was important, did the officer make sense to you? Will you be more careful about the information you use when on-line?

"The information was important because they are trying to keep everyone safe.  I will be more careful when talking to people I don't know." Austin Radick, Sixth grade student.

For more information about Michigan's Cyber Safety Initiative, visit their website: and search for Cyber Safety, or CLICK HERE.
10/13/07 > Page Students Compete

Six Page Middle School students have qualified and will compete Saturday, October 13 in the regional NFL/Pepsi Punt Pass & Kick Compettion. This years event will be held at Boulan Park in Troy beginning at 10:00 am.

Representing page this year are

 Age Group Boys Results  Qualifying Distance  Girls Results  Qualifying Distance 
 10-11 Christopher Denny  213 ft. 5 in  Alexis Hilliard  207 ft. 7 in. 
 12-13 Brandon Rubel  276 ft. 6 in.  Natasha Baetiong  231 ft. 9 in 
 14-15 Jason Antonie  290 ft. 9 in.  Michelle Paavo  200 ft. 1 in 

Good luck to all of our students - We'll post their results as soon as they are reported.

For more information about the Punt, Pass & Kick competition, CLICK HERE.

9/29/07 > Fall Colors - Lamphere Style

Lamphere Blue was everywhere on this sunny Homecoming Friday. Colorful floats, decorated to this year's theme Decades, were on display as students, staff, board members, administrators and the community lined the street to enjoy the festivities.

Lamphere's Marching Band, dance and cheer teams performed for the crowd and the annual chariot race finished up the afternoon.  Russ McKenzie, Lamphere's Athletic Director said, "This has to be my favorite time of year -  the school spirit, the students, parents, and teachers working together, alumni visiting - this is what the Lamphere community is all about."

Principal Ed Okuniewski  thanked the float host families to a roaring round of applause. "Without the generosity of people like you, we couldn't have this great day for our students - Thank You All," he said. This years floats were built at the homes of:

  • Class of 2008 - Bellant Family
  • Class of 2009 - Woodward Family
  • Class of 2010 - Kunert Family
  • Class of 2011 - Calverly Family

We've posted quite a few photos of the afternoon - CLICK HERE to take a look.

9/23/07 > Oakland County Health Department Flu Shots

9/23/07 > Page Celebrates 50 Years

Page Middle School is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, staff and students are looking forward to celebrating and learning more about the building's history. If you have any stories to tell about the last 50 years at Page, we'dSchoolCenter Picturelove to hear them and share them here on our website. Click here to send us your story.

The year long celebration was kicked off at open house on September 18, 2007 with a gathering of families, staff, administrators, board members and the community at a hot dog bar-b-q benefiting the Families in Need program headed up by Darla Gower, Page Art Teacher, and Amy Schelesky, Page Counselor.

For a five dollar donation, guests enjoyed hot dogs (cooked to perfection by board members and district administrators), chips, soft drinks, birthday cake and entertainment by Page students. The Page cafeteria was crowded with students and their families for the event. "It's great to see so many people involved in their children's education," said Rob Borngesser, Board of Education President, "and to make this event a fundraiser for  the Families in Need program was a terrific idea  This district and community really come together year after year to make a difference in so many lives."

The evening raised nearly $1,200.00,  "We'd like to thank everyone for their generosity," said Gower and Schelesky. "Our program really helps a lot of families every year and we couldn't do it without the donations from the community." For more information about the Families in Need Program or to find out how you can help, contact the school by phone 248-589-3428 or CLICK HERE.

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9/15/07 > Fall Sports Tailgate BBQ

SchoolCenter PictureLamphere High School held its annual fall tailgate party on Friday, September 14, prior to the Varsity RAM Football game. Tailgate party goers were treated to hot dogs, grilled to perfection by district administrators, chips and a cold beverage.

Lamphere High School Principal Ed Okuniewski said, "The annual tailgate party is a perfect opportunity to meet people. What's nice about it is that you have students, parents and staff all coming together for a social event at a school event. The weather was beautiful and our football team was outstanding."

Immediately following the tailgate, the Lamphere Varsity Football Team took on Mt. Clemens High School and won 14-6.

We encourage you to come out and support all the Lamphere athletes this season! For a complete schedule of all athletic events, CLICK HERE.


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9/13/07 > 1000 Minute Reading Celebration

Lamphere elementary students who met the challenge of reading 1000 minutes during the summer were rewarded with a reading celebration on September 13.

Students from each of Lamphere's four elementary buildings were treated to a special day of fun that included awards, prizes, and a performance by a magician. Dale Steen, Lamphere's Director of Curriculum and Technology said, "The 1000-Minute Reading Celebration is Lamphere's way of rewarding students who continued to read all summer long."

During the event, a special presentation was held for each building to randomly select the top prize winners. Lamphere Superintendent Marsha Pando and Board of Education President, Rob Borngesser, were on hand to award the prizes to students. The grand prize, a $100 shopping spree at BEST BUY was awarded to two students at each building. A special prize awarded to two students from every grade level at each of the elementaries was a chance to visit wiith race car driver Sue Christopherson and actually sit in a real race car.

The Page reading celebration was held on September 14. Students were treated to a special afternoon which included their own private lunch, movie and the reading awards presentation. In addition to the BEST BUY shopping spree, race car driver Sue Christopherson visited the students with her rear engine dragster. Sue's message for the students, "I had to learn to race. I have to practice to win. Reading is just one of the many things you'll learn in life, but it's one of the most important. The more you read, the more you learn. Whatever you choose to do with the rest of your life, your reading skills will help you succeed."

Superintendent Pando said the prizes presented during the celebration are an important part of the reading program. "The prizes provide the incentive to keep students reading throughout the entire summer. That is why we greatly appreciate the generosity of the Master's Restaurant for sponsoring this important educational program. In addition, we have to thank BEST BUY and ABC Warehouse for their continued partnership by providing discounts on all the prizes."

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8/20/07 > Dateline - 2007 Awards Issue