Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

2014/2015 Lamphere Board of Education


President - William J. Dixon

William Dixon is serving as President of the Board and has served on the Board since 1994. Bill was a cardiovascular medical technician prior to retiring in 2009 and is an active supporter of the Cardiology's "Race for Every Pace." In addition, Dixon is a member of several community theater groups throughout Oakland County.

Bill is an active member of the Madison Heights community. Over the years at Lamphere Schools, Bill has been involved with the Lamphere Athletic Boosters, several play productions at the high school and Lessenger's Education Support Team.

This year, Bill will serve on the Board's Youth Assistance and Superintendent Evaluation Committees.  He will also act as Lamphere's delegate for the Michigan Association of School Boards and Legislative Relations Network and will serve on the Oakland County School Board Association's Board of Directors. In addition, Bill will serve as an alternate representative on the Finance, Gateway Counseling and Parks and Recreation Committees.

Vice President - Paul Cavanaugh

Paul Cavanaugh was elected to serve on the Board in May 2008 and is serving as Board Vice President. He has been a resident of Madison Heights for 26 years and works as a Design and Construction Manager for Verizon Wireless. Prior to joining Verizon Wireless, he taught 5th and 6th grades in Minnesota and Adult Education and Alternative High School in Madison Heights. Paul also worked with the State Ward Diversion Program working with adjudicated youth in Wayne County. 

Paul and his wife, Julie, have five children - all are Lamphere graduates. Two went on to graduate from Western Michigan University and one graduated from Michigan State University. Their youngest (two twin sons) are currently attending college - one at the College for Creative Students and one at Western University.

Paul will serve on the Building, Curriculum and Finance Board Committees and as a delegate to the Michigan Association of School Boards. He will also serve as an alternate on the City/School Liason Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee.

Secretary - Terrie D. Junkin

Terrie Junkin is serving as the Secretary of the Board and has served on the Board since 2001. Terrie holds a B.S. degree from Central Michigan University and is a graduate of the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University.  She is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Showcase Homes in Birmingham.

Terrie is also a 1984 graduate of LHS and a life-long resident of the community. She has been an active parent in the Lamphere Schools and has volunteered her time as a PTO Leader, Cub Scout Leader, classroom volunteer and the President of Lamphere Council. Terrie is married and has three children.  She has two sons who are Lamphere graduates and both attend Grand Valley State University and a daughter who is currently at Lamphere High School.

This year, Terrie will serve on the Board's Building, Curriculum, Superintendent's Evaluation and Policy Committees as well as serving as a representative on the OCSBA Legislative Committee. Terrie will also serve as an alternate representative on the Board's Finance and Michigan Association of School Boards Legislative Relations Network Committees.


Treasurer - David B. Crawford

Dave Crawford is serving as Treasurer of the Board and has served on the Board since 2004. He is the Vice-President for JPMorganChase, manager of a Business Banking lending unit.

Dave has lived in Madison Heights for more than 40 years and has been an active member of the community. He has served as a Lamphere representative for Oakland County PAC, a parent organization dedicated to overseeing special education delivery for Oakland County Districts. In addition, Dave is currently a board member for the ARC of Oakland County. Dave has also been active with Cub Scouts, PTO's, and various coaching positions within Madison Heights Parks and Recreations.

Dave is married with three children. His eldest daughter is a 1999 graduate of Lamphere High, currently teaching special education in the Clarkston School District. His second daughter is a 2009 graduate from Lamphere Center and his son is a 2005 Lamphere graduate.

This year, Dave will serve on the Board's Finance, Gateway Counseling Center, Hall of Fame and Policy Committees. In addition, he will serve as Lamphere's representative for the Direct Affiliate Action Network. Dave will also serve as an alternate representative on the City/School Liaison Committee.

Trustee - Robert T. Borngesser

Robert Borngesser is serving as Trustee of the Board and has served on the Board since 2000. Rob is the President and the owner of Young's Window Cleaning, Inc.

Rob and his family have lived in Madison Heights for over 40 years and he and his wife are Lamphere graduates. Rob is actively involved in the Lamphere community and in 1997, he co-chaired the district's successful bond initiative. Rob and his wife, Louise, have three daughters who are Lamphere graduates.  His oldest daughter is a Wayne State University graduate.  Rob's middle and youngest daughters are currently attending Wayne State.

This year, Rob will serve on the Board's Building, Evaluation for Superintendent's Performance, Finance, City/School Liaison and Parks and Recreation Committees. He will also serve as an alternate representative on the Youth Assistance Committee.

Trustee - William Mier

Bill Mier is serving as a Trustee of the Board and was appointed on October 8, 2013 to fill the vacant position created by the resignation of Mr. Lyon.  On November 4, 2014, he was elected to a six-year term.  Bill has been the Business Applications Manager at Roush Industries for the past 14 years, a resident of the Lamphere community for 23 years and has had six children attend The Lamphere Schools.  

Bill has been an active member of the community for the past 23 years serving as a chairperson on the Citizens’ Committee for the renewal of Lamphere’s millages in 2011 and has been active in the Athletic Booster Club at the high school for 18 years, serving as an officer for all but 2 of those years.  For the past 21 years, he has served as a board member for the Madison Heights Little League.


This year, Bill will serve on the Board's City/School Liaison and Curriculum Committees and as the MASB Technology Coordinator.  He will also serve as an Alternate on the Board's Building, MASB Legislative Relations Network, Michigan Association of School Boards, Oakland County School Boards Association Legislative Committee and Policy Review Committees.

Trustee - Allison Minowa

Allison Minowa is serving as a Trustee of the Board and was elected in November 2014.  Allison holds a B.A. Degree in Health Science with a focus in Exercise Science from Oakland University.  She is a licensed Myomassologist, is the Lead Fitness Coordinator at Henry Ford Health Systems and has been a personal trainer for 11 years.

Allison is a 1996 graduate of LHS and has two sons and one daughter who all attend Simonds Elementary School.  She is a regular volunteer at Simonds Elementary School and coached the U6 Madison Heights Youth Soccer Team this fall. 

This year, Allison will serve on the Board's Policy Committee. In addition, she will serve as the Board's alternative representative on the Curriculum, Michigan Association of School Boards Delagates and Parks and Recreation Committees.